Lang-8 – language learning and social networking

Lang-8 – language learning and social networkingby Tatyana BukovaI joined on January 29th, 2009. Since that day, I have written more than 260 entries in Japanese. I love writing diaries. And I love Japanese language. So I’m very happy that I found have been studying Japanese by myself for a year. Before I joined, I knew many words and hieroglyphics, but I could hardly compose a sentence. Writing a diary on really helped me a lot with my study. Now I can write my blog in Japanese.On I met many friends from different countries. They are very intelligent people with the same interest to learn language as me.I’m writing a diary on every day, because I really enjoy it. With every new entry, my Japanese becomes better. I’m so happy because of that!!Description of the is a social networking site. Unlike Facebook or MySpace, the purpose of is learning a second language (or third, or fourth …) while making international basically works on the principle of „scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.“The easy 1, 2, 3 method: Make an entry First, you write something in the language you are studying. Native speakers make corrections for you Native speakers read your post and correct all of the mistakes with Lang-8’s easy to use language correction tools. Make corrections to other users‘ posts in your native language You can read and correct your friend’s and other user’s posts that are written in your native language. There are no absolute requirements to „give back“ to the community, but everyone does.In addition to language posts, has many other cool language learning features: Groups Skype sharing options for conversation practice A virtual language notebook to „clip and save“ things you learn and share with others Many more on the waySharpen your language skills while making friends and exchanging culture at!Lang-8 – Let’s Language exchange

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